Formation of women’s committees at various levels with constitutional status.

Amendments made to the constitutions to increase and ensure proper
representation of women in the decision making level.

Constitutional provisions made to reserve 33% to 50% places for women in all decision making bodies of the unions at all levels.

Organization of pre-women’s conference and women’s caucus prior to the general conference of the organizations.

More than 20,000 women have been made aware and trained in the past years through various activities.

Inclusion and participation of women in various committees of the union such as action committees, constitution committees, election committees and editorial committees.

More than 200 women are holding office and key posts in the unions such as President, General Secretaries, Vice Presidents, Deputy General secretaries, Treasurers, etc. at national, state, provisional, district and unit levels.

Allocation of funds by the member organizations for women’s education, training and empowerment programmes.

National women’s network are holding their own accounts and conduct income generating activities from time to time in order to become financially independent.

Increased numerical strength of women in the union membership.