Welcome to SAARC Women Network

The SAARC Women Network is an effort to organise the women teachers in the EI member organizations in the South Asia aiming to Unite and Unionise women teachers and enabling them to fight their concerns that are affecting them in the region collectively and unitedly. [Read more…]

General Objectives

  • Organize, unite and unionize women teachers to improve their participation in the teaching profession and teachers’ unions and fight their concerns collectively and unitedly.
  • Mobilize, support and encourage women to become more involve and actively participating in the union’s day to day activities and issues and empower them to be able to defend their human labour and trade union rights.
  • Ensure adequate and proportionate participation of women in membership, leadership positions and decision making bodies of the teachers’ organization in the South Asia.


  • Formation of women’s committees at various levels with constitutional status.
  • Amendments made to the constitutions to increase and ensure proper
    representation of women in the decision making level.
  • Constitutional provisions made to reserve 33% to 50% places for women in all decision making bodies of the unions at all levels.
  • Organization of pre-women’s conference and women’s caucus prior to the general conference of the organizations.

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